Another nice recent mastering project, from Montreal based Soft Bones:

Listen/purchase: Tiny Arms of Tyrannosaur by Soft Bones

A lovely recent mastering project out now:

Listen/purchase: I Told You The Truth by Brigid Power-Ryce


Commission this week. With a rat. They don’t have a name yet.


Our new LP Dreaming Tracks is out today via CF Records on super limited shell pink vinyl with artwork by Lucy Jones and digitally via bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify etc, pick it up! X

The Night EP from Hilary Woods is out now!

Listen/purchase: Night by Hilary Woods

DrDr- Struggling (Curtis Gabriel Remix)

The Curtis Gabriel remix is now streaming on Data Transmission:

DrDr   Struggling EP

Another recent mastering project for the lovely Glyph Recordings label. An EP from DrDr with a remix from Curtis Gabriel. Really liked this one, much head nodding and feet tapping was done.

Hilary Woods - Flames

Great new track from Hilary Woods that I mastered recently. Taken from an upcoming EP being released very soon.

Some details:


Hey check out the very expensive and slick looking video we made for Dream Happening, also the album is now available to pre-order (including instant download of DH) here!

Recorded at Orphan Recording with Ber Quinn, March 2014
Produced by Ber Quinn & SAILS
Engineered + Mixed by Ber Quinn
Mastered by Stephen Quinn (Analog Heart)
Written by SAILS

Trumpet and Saxophone played by Kevin Maguire and Danny McCormack.

In another life I made ‘electronica’. Came across these this morning on a dusty digital shelf.

sketches & ideas badly mastered from 2004-2010.

Sea Pinks - New Album

Sea Pinks have announced their new album “Dreaming Tracks”, out in Sept on CF Records.

All the details:

A tastey taster:

Mastered at Analog Heart a while back.

Art of Sound

yeah they’re selling a product and all, but Joel Hamilton is a really great engineer/producer and has an amazing studio in New York.