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September Girls - Sister; from the debut album, Cursing The Sea.

Directed by Neil O’Driscoll

Love this new September Girls video.

Pono/Neil Young

I have some thoughts on this, but I came across this earlier:

What’s interesting is this part:

"1) Ayre’s custom designed and implemented digital filter. It is minimum phase, with no unnatural (digital sounding) pre-ringing. All sounds made always have reflections and/or echoes after the initial sound. There is no sound in nature that has any echo or reflection before the sound, which is what conventional linear-phase digital filters do. This is one reason that digital sound has a reputation for sounding "unnatural".

2) All circuitry is zero-feedback. Feedback can only correct an error after it has occurred, which means that it can never correct for all errors. By using proprietary ultra linear circuitry with wide bandwidth and low output impedance, there is no need for unnatural sounding feedback.

3) The DAC chip used is the ESS ES9018, widely recognized in the audio and engineering community as the best sounding DAC chip available today.

4) The output buffer used to drive the headphones is fully discrete so that all individual parameters and circuit values and parts quality can be fully optimized for the absolute finest sound quality. The output impedance is very low so that the Pono Player will deliver perfectly flat frequency response to any headphone made.”

There’s also this that I think about when these kind of discussion come up:

But I think what we’re actually looking at here is a high end music player, because of the hardware/software that’s been developed and nothing whatsoever to do with the audio file format. Which is what Young was bemoaning about when he first started on this development journey.

I moan about audio quality issues all the time to anyone who’ll listen, but don’t dress Pono up as something that it’s not.