DrDr   Struggling EP

Another recent mastering project for the lovely Glyph Recordings label. An EP from DrDr with a remix from Curtis Gabriel. Really liked this one, much head nodding and feet tapping was done.

Hilary Woods - Flames

Great new track from Hilary Woods that I mastered recently. Taken from an upcoming EP being released very soon.

Some details:



Hey check out the very expensive and slick looking video we made for Dream Happening, also the album is now available to pre-order (including instant download of DH) here!

Recorded at Orphan Recording with Ber Quinn, March 2014
Produced by Ber Quinn & SAILS
Engineered + Mixed by Ber Quinn
Mastered by Stephen Quinn (Analog Heart)
Written by SAILS

Trumpet and Saxophone played by Kevin Maguire and Danny McCormack.

In another life I made ‘electronica’. Came across these this morning on a dusty digital shelf.

sketches & ideas badly mastered from 2004-2010.

Sea Pinks - New Album

Sea Pinks have announced their new album “Dreaming Tracks”, out in Sept on CF Records.

All the details: http://cf-records.com/

A tastey taster:

Mastered at Analog Heart a while back.

Art of Sound

yeah they’re selling a product and all, but Joel Hamilton is a really great engineer/producer and has an amazing studio in New York. 


Something new from thatboytim, mastered here recently.


Nice write up of a recent mastering project for The Casanova Wave :


Listen/purchase: Sundown Yellow Moon EP by The Casanova Wave

The #1’s album is out now:

Listen/purchase: The Number Ones by The Number Ones


Arborist-Border Blood

New video for the lovely Arborist’s single Border Blood is out in the digital ether now:


Mastered by myself no less. Delighted to be mastering the album also.

Sterling recording/mixing work by Ben McAuley as always: http://benmcauley.info

Stream The Number Ones: The Number Ones on Pitchfork Advance

The #1’s LP up on Pitchfork now for your listening pleasure.

Stream The Number Ones: The Number Ones on Pitchfork Advance

The #1’s LP up on Pitchfork now for your listening pleasure.